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Cabela's Fish Eagle Ii Trolling Rods


The first time you look at one of our Fish Eagle II trolling rods, you might be surprised by what you see. What makes them different is what puts them in a class by themselves. The spiral-wrapped Pac Bay Hialoy guides transfer line pressure to the bottom of the rod, eliminating torque during the fight. Just like the name implies, the guides are seated in a spiral alignment up the rod. The guides closest to the tip are on the bottom of the rod similar to a spinning rod. You'll instantly notice a fish-fighting difference the first time you fish one no more rod twisting or wasted effort keeping the guides right side up. This design also eliminates the weakening that torsion can often place on the tip of a rod causing breaks. The rules of physics are now in your favor. Take advantage of more control with the potential for greater leverage. Each rod is built on our field-proved 38 million-modulus Fish Eagle II blank with alignment dots for easy, precise assembly. The cork fore grip provides a classic, wet or dry grip. The nonslip black diamond rear grip is tailor-made for rod holders and trolling applications.Images depict the "style" of the rod handle and may not fully represent the actual length.

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