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Shimano Compre Walleye Trolling Rods


Take these rods bottom bouncing or trolling with planer boards, they're ready for the task. The Compre Trolling Rods use Shimano's High Modulus TC4 Construction, a process that increases durability yet lightens weight by wrapping double inner horizontal layers of advanced, dynamic fibers with an inner and outer spiral of high-modulus graphite. They're also built with nonslip black diamond rear grips, which allow them to easily go in to, and come out of, a rod holder. All rods feature Fuji exposed reel seats for maximum sensitivity and stability. The reel seat is also offset by 7.9 to reduce fatigue and add comfort when palming a reel. Fuji Concept Lightweight Hardloy Guides are made of an aluminum-oxide blend that's been diamond-polished and permanently mounted to the frames. Limited lifetime warranty.

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