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Fenwick HMX Spinning Rods


The HMX, HMG and Eagle GT rods were developed using Fenwicks Development System. From the founding of Fenwick rod research over 50 years ago and continuing today, a database of material developments, rod concepts and experiments have been collected and stored. The Fenwick Development System allows us to search the database and create the perfect rod for any given application.The dual-tapered HMX has a fast action that can drive lures into powerful headwinds and provide a lightning-fast hookset. The fast taper is complemented by an ample butt section that can put the breaks on headstrong runs. Cross-Scrim graphite construction utilizes overlapping layers of carbon fibers for increased strength and responsiveness. Quality Pacific Bay components include DPL frame guides with TiCH inserts. The guides have a low-profile, one-piece stamped frame which decreases line snags. Lightweight graphite-bodied reel seats with cushioned, stainless steel hoods. Five-year limited warranty.

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