Lamson Konic Fly Reel


The Konic is a pressure cast reel with machined components that brings top quality and performance to anglers at an incredible price. Equipped with the Waterworks zero-maintenance, fully machined, fully sealed conical drag the same drag system that's used on Lamson reels costing $400 or more. Unlike other drag systems that use two flat surfaces for braking control, Lamson's conical drag utilizes two cone-shaped elements that are matched together for a precise fit. This system acts to completely seal the drag from the effects of moisture, salt and grit. When the drag is adjusted, spring tension draws the two elements together, creating variable rates of ultrasmooth braking. Because the mass of the drag elements is centralized, the reel is more responsive to lighter drag settings. The average radius of the contact surface is also much smaller than a disc-shaped drag, eliminating start-up torque. Frame and spool are pressure cast and then machine-finished.

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