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Lindy Watsit Grub Bodies


Were not sure what a Watsit is supposed to be, but we do know it can sure catch fish! Tiny arms and an undulating tail give it just the right amount of action to drive fish wild. Per 15.Size: 2.Colors: (009)Chartreuse Yellow, (013)White, (036)Black/Chartreuse Green, (039)Chartreuse Green/Chartreuse Yellow, (041)Brown/Orange, (042)Orange/Chartreuse Yellow, (054)Metallic Gold, (067)Pink/White, (080)Fluorescent Orange w/ Orange Flake, (093)Chartreuse Yellow w/ Red Flake/Red, (094)Pink w/ Silver Flake/Black, (097)Chartreuse w/ Purple Flake/Purple.

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