Yum 6" Money Minnow Swimbait


This swimbait from YUM is right on the money! With an ultrarealistic profile, natural swimming action and super-soft body, the YUM Money Minnow has proven itself irresistible to bass and other game fish. A unique hook slot in the Money Minnows belly allows for efficient hooksets, and at the same time facilitates straight rigging and true-running performance. The Money Minnow swims sweetly, even when reeled at a slow speed, which can be the key to enticing strikes from heavyweight fish. Per 3.Size: 6.Colors: (900)Rainbow Trout, (906)Pearl, (909)Pearl/Black Back, (910)Herring, (918)AYU, (919)River Shad, (921)Clown, (924)Hitch, (926)Tennessee Shad.

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