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Yum F2 Salleemander


Move this through the water and witness a swimming action never before seen in a soft-plastic lizard lure. Four swimming legs and a knob at the end of the tail create a realistic motion in the entire lure, and the resulting water displacement brings curious fish in for a closer look. Though ideal for Texas and Carolina rigs, it also drives bass crazy when worked weightless over grass. Now infused with YUM's Ferocity Squared (F2) attractant. F2 is a concentrated natural formula that has been clinically tested under strict conditions. Results show that F2 is preferred by bass by a margin of more than 30 over other attractants. What's more, F2 can be infused into soft plastics of any shape with lasting effectiveness and no need to "refresh" with more scent every few casts. F2-infused lures also don't dry up left out of their package, but maintain their supple swimability. Per 8.Size: 6".Colors: (001)Black Neon, (002)Watermelon Red, (004)Junebug, (008)Green Pumpkin, (009)Watermelon Seed, (029)Carolina Pumpkin Chartreuse, (143)Black Blue Shadow, (155)Ultimate Craw.

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