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Berkely Gulp! Leech


With over 20 years invested in its production, Berkley Gulp! has achieved the unthinkable it can actually outperform live bait. The Gulp Leech is as close as you'll get to the look and feel of a real leech. The water-based formula disperses over 400 times the amount of scent that soft plastics can offer. Plus, it is 100% biodegradable. But just because it breaks down in water, doesn't mean it will dissolve off the hook. Lures made with this new compound will last just as long as any soft-plastic on the market. And with the many shapes and sizes it's offered in, Gulp! gives you the action, look and feel of live, struggling bait as well. Per 12. Size: 3".Colors: (003)Black, (009)Pumpkinseed, (019)Watermelon/Red Glitter.

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