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Smithwick Rattlin' Rogue


Equipped with extra-loud rattle chambers to bring fish in over long distances, the Rattlin' Rogue has a wild, wounded-minnow action that is effective all year long. Cast it and reel it straight in, use a stop-and-go retrieve, use it as a jerkbait or troll it, this lure gets results no matter what technique is being used. Available in floating and suspending models.Sizes: 4-1/2" Dives to 4', 1/3 oz.4-1/2" Suspends, 1/3 oz.Colors: (021)Tiger Roan, (066)Silver Shiner, (232)Chrome/Black Back, (402)Clown, (920)Chrome/Blue Back, (930)Chrome/Blue Back/Orange belly, (958)Gold Rogue, (959)Tiger Minnow.

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