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Rapala X-Rap Shad Sureset


This long-casting, suspending and rattling bait cuts hard and darts aggressively while maintaining Rapalas classic swimming action. With flash-foil-dressed VMC SureSet hooks, even lazy fish get to see the inside of your boat. Textured translucent body, prominent scales and lateral line capture and reflect light. This Deep Model dives from 6 to 15 ft. Internal weight-transfer system for casting distance. Per each. Sizes: XRSSS06 - 6 (2-1/2, 5/16 oz.) XRSSS08 - 8 (3-1/8, 1/2 oz.) Colors: (100)Albino Shiner, (102)Moss Back Shiner, (103)Copperhead, (104)Blue Back Shiner, (105)Purple Albino, (106)Parrot, (107)Tennessee Olive Shad, (340)Red Crawdad, (761)Moss Chartreuse Shad.

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