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Rapala X-Rap Deep


A deep-diving version of the X-Rap. The lip design rockets it down to a depth of 6-15 feet. Its aggressive darting action and rattling is every bit as enticing as the original. Cast the X-Rap, and the new lip design rockets it toward the bottom, then rip it for extreme slashbait action. Stop and go for enticing suspending on stall or slow-wind for classic Rapala wounded-minnow action. Internal holographic foil captures and reflects light for optimum flash and attraction. An internal weight-transfer system aids casting distance. Pyramid point hooks penetrate tough-mouthed fish and hold fast. Per each. Sizes:XRD8 - 3-1/8, 1/4 oz.XRD10 - 4, 7/16 oz.Colors: (001)Silver, (017)Perch, (117)Yellow Perch, (202)Rusty Crawdad, (353)Rainbow Trout, (392)Silver Blue, (402)Clown, (550)Purple Ghost, (551)Hot Steel, (552)Hot Head, (556)Glass Ghost, (557)Hot Pink.

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