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Lucky Craft Live Pointer


A completely jointed body gives the Live Pointer a realistic side-to-side motion that imitates a fish swimming with the body and tail flowing back and forth. And the bodys flexibility gives you an increased hooking ratio when predatory fish strike from the side. It dives to 3-4 feet on retrieves. High-density plastic components are jointed with a double-reinforced, stainless steel wire though the body. The head holds weights and rattles. Per each.Sizes: 3-1/4, 5/16 oz. 3-3/4, 1/2 oz. 4-1/2, 5/8 oz. Colors: (052)Aurora Black, (238)Ghost Minnow, (251)Nishiki, (268)Pearl Ayu, (270)MS American Shad, (295)Bloody Shad, (802)Northern Pike, (805)Largemouth Bass, (807)Northern Yellow Perch, (808)Shiner, (809)Brownie, (813)Bluegill.

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