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Northland Impulse Swimmin' Grub


Fish the baits proven to be 143% more effective than the competition. Impulse Instinctual Attractant with backed-in MicroPlankton formula super charges these fish-attracting morsels for maximum potency, tempting fish to strike and never let go. Lifelike ribbed torso and creepin grub-legged body and seductive DoubleCurl tail swims and wiggles like live bait. Per 14. Made in USA.Sizes: 2 (Per 4) 3 (Per 12) 4 (Per 10) Colors: (001)White, (002)Yellow, (003)Black, (010)Chartreuse, (022)Firetiger, (030)Emerald Shiner, (031)Crappie Minnow, (078)Crawfish.

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