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Berkley Havoc The Deuce


Professional fisherman Gary Klien believes in the effectiveness of The Deuce so much, he says it's unlike any other double-tail soft bait. The large, soft and flexible tail sections flutter to create enticing movement at even the slowest speeds. Cast it, flip it or skim it across cover The Deuce will drive big fish wild. Made in USA. Per 10.Size: 3".Colors: (001)Cinnamon/Purple Black Flake, (002)Green Pumpkin, (003)Green Pumpkin/Blue, (004)Green Pumpkin/Green, (005)Green Pumpkin/Sumthin, (006)Shady Watermelon/Candy, (007)Smoke Sparkle, (008)Smoke Sparkle/Black Flake, (009)Watermelon/Candy Red, (010)Watermelon Red.

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