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Mann's Hardnose Swim Toad


This revolutionary bait series from Mann's Bait Company virtually eliminates the aggravating, time consuming and possible fish costing bait slippage commonly associated with standard soft plastic baits. The secret to these one-piece baits lies in their hard head. The hard head keeps the hook eye in place and prevents the bait from sliding down when casting or retrieving through brush and weeds. And to top these incredible baits off, they are salt injected and coated with S.P.I.C.E. - Mann's crawfish extract scent. The Hardnose Swim Toad imitates a swimming frog and delivers the surface-disturbing and leg-swimming action needed to trigger big bass into striking. Per 5.Size: 5".Colors: (011)Green Pumpkin,(013)Black Neon, (016)Watermelon Candy, (018)Grey Ghost, (019)Watermelon Red/Pearl, (020)Bullfrog.

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