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Yum F2 Yumphibian


With two small swimming arms at the top, a pair of longer curl tails at the end, and two big flappers at the midpoint, the YUM F2 YUMphibian never stops moving. Customize by pinching off appendages to create less water disturbance for finicky or pressured fish. Pitch it, flip it, or work it deep, the YUMphibian is a whole new species of creature bait.Sizes: 4-1/2, Per 10 5-1/4, Per 8 6, Per 6Colors: (001)Black Neon, (002)Watermelon/Red, (004)Junebug, (008)Green Pumpkin, (009)Watermelon Shad, (013)Red Shad, (144)Green Pumpkin Neon, (147)Big O Craw, (155)Ultra Craw, (157)Virgo Blue.

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