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Cabela's Fisherman Seriesgo-To Split-Tail Grub


You wanted an affordable line of soft plastics built for rod-bending results We heard you loud and clear. Our Go-To series of baits deliver maximum bite-provoking action with the smallest twitch. Made of soft, durable plastic, these selections come in a wide range of colors and sizes targeting the most popular game fish species.The Split Tail Grub is a deadly crawfish initator that works in a wide variety of rigging situations. Also effective as a jig trailer. Per 8. Size: 4-1/2. Colors: (008)Lite Watermelon Seed, (014)Watermelon Seed, (018)Green Pumpkin, (101)Black-N-Blue, (444)Lite Blue Craw, (456)Yellow/Watermelon Red Flake, (457)Dirt Black Flake/Chartreuse, (459)Green Pumpkin Green Flake, (461)Pearl Red Flake.

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