Depthmaster II Linecounter/Depthmaster Trnmt Innerflow Trolling Combos


Pair an Innerflow rod with a DepthMaster II reel and you have a great rig for fishing bottom bouncers, trolling crankbaits and downrigging. When it comes to dependability and affordability, no other linecounter reel has as much to offer. Its graphite frame and sideplates make it both sturdy and lightweight. Plus, it boasts a graphite spool for smooth lightweight performance. The multidisc carbon-fiber drag gives you the power to slow hard-fighting fish. The accurate linecounter measures in feet, and ensures you can consistently keep your lures at the precise depth where the fish are suspended. Audible spool click lets you know when line is being taken off the spool. Double-paddled walleye handle included with sizes 15, 20 and 30. Self-lubricating gear system employs a brass bushing, which releases oil as friction heat increases, to keep the main gear and drive shaft running smoothly. Soft-touch knob power handle. Bait clicker. The DepthMaster Tournament Innerflow rods eliminate stress points and broken guides by doing away with conventional rod guides. Instead the line runs directly through the graphite composite blank creating a perfect fighting arch. Great for fishing bottom bouncers, trolling crankbaits and downrigging. Convenient two-piece design fits in your boat?s rod locker. Includes line threader. Images depict the "style" of the reel and rod handle and may not fully represent the actual product. Cabela?s Depthmaster II? Linecounter/Depthmaster Tournament Innerflow Combos Reel Model Line Capacity (yds./lb. test) Gear Ratio DM15A 330/10, 290/12, 240/14 5.1:1 DM20A 290/14, 230/18, 210/20 5.1:1 DM30A 510/15, 420/20, 310/25 4.0:1 DM45A 580/20, 430/25, 330/30 4.0:1

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