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Van Staal Spinning Reels With Bail


With the introduction of its first bailed spinning reel, anglers now have a choice when it comes to taking advantage of Van Staal's superior construction and performance - bail, or no bail. Fully machined from high-grade aluminum and titanium, and sealed waterproof-tight, Van Staal's new bailed spinning reels have the same hard-fighting features found on nonbailed models. Equipped with a skirted spool, these bailed models have an oversized rotor clutch that offers the strongest anti-reverse available. The large power handle knob is easy to grip, and the oversized stainless steel main gear has more cranking power than any other reel in its class. The titanium bail has exceptional spring tension to securely hold it open for surf casting. Manual bail closing. Includes bail.Colors: Black, Gold, Silver.

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