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Shimano Stella Sw Spinning Reel


Unmatched in the field, this is the premier spinning reel for relentless inshore anglers and do-or-die tournament pros. The Stella represents the culmination of decades of Shimano technology, research and development. Element-blocking SW-Concept engineering builds on time-tested S-Concept ideals - smooth, silent, strong - by sealing out corrosive saltwater for proven reliability you can always bank on. It has a saltwater-resistant aluminum body and waterproof SW-Hyper Disk Drag for top-of-the-line performance after repeated drenchings and dunkings. Cold-forged Paladin gears, Fluidrive II polished gear surfaces, and a hardened, low-wear pinon gear preserve this reel's out-of-the-box smoothness for years of hard fishing. A performance-tuned, shielded A-RB 15-bearing system with Super-Stopper II and Assist-Stopper anti-reverse provides flawlessly smooth action and responsive power for instant hooksets with no backplay. High-end Propulsion Line Management System combines its innovative titanium-coated spool lip with pitch-perfect Aero Wrap II Oscillation for superior winding and even line lay that translates into longer casts with less kinks. Power Roller IV oversized line roller with a diamond-like DLC coating. Dyna-Balance eliminates wobble on fast retrieves. Direct Drive thread-in handle for increased power transmission. Maintenance ports for on-the-go lubrication without disassembly. Redesigned, more efficient bail trip. S-Arm Cam. Ergonomic, Septon handle grips. Stopperless design has no anti-reverse switch. Ceramic-coated spool.

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