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Eskimo Redneck Ice Chisels


Cut holes in ice and keep them clear with these handy and effective tools. Both the One-Piece and Two-Piece chisels have soft, secure and well-insulated foam handles. Triple-action blade technology cuts through ice more efficiently than conventional ice chisels. Available:Two-Piece Chisel Breaks down for easy transport. Slip-fit with locking spring pin. Length: 64". Weight: 11 lbs.One-Piece Chisel Fully welded steel design. Red powder-coated finish. Head protector. Length: 59-1 2". Weight: 11 lbs.Bucket Ice Chisel Keep your holes clear with this easy-to-use, dual-headed Bucket Chisel. Compact for precise chiseling. Hammer end works great for breaking items loose from the ice. Made of welded steel. Length: 19". Weight: 4 lbs.

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