Lobino Lures Rio Rico


This lure isn't cheap, but there's a reason why. Not only does it catch big fish, but it's also the go-to topwater bait for more pros on the circuit than any other popping or spitting bait. When there's money on the line, only the best lure will do. Rio Rico features an intricately painted finish, ultrasharp hook and a long, flowing tail that keeps moving even after the bait has stopped. The front cup spits just the right amount of water and is tuned to produce the optimal amount of popping and splashing sound to mimic a baitfish in trouble on the surface. Prismatic 3-D eyes complete the enticement package. The lure is heavy enough for effective use on your favorite baitcasting setup and is even effective when there's chop on the water.Size: 2-3/8, 1/4-oz. with a Gama No. 6 hook.Colors: (534)Albino, (535)Bone, (536)Clear, (558)Aurora Ice, (559)Ghost, (560)John Murray Bass, (570)Manahl's RX C.S., (571)Skeleton Chartreuse C.S.

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