Heddon Baby Lucky 13 And Lucky 13


Heddon's new Baby Lucky 13 carries more than eight decades of fish-catching history in its smaller 2-5/8", 3/8 oz. size. Now you can use the famous Lucky 13's deep, resonating sound and weaving body action to elicit strikes from a wider variety of game fish.Since its creation in 1920, there have been few lures to replicate the feeding frenzy of topwater action that the Lucky 13 is famous for. Just like the originals produced over 80 years ago, these mainstays in the Heddon lineup are sure to find a place in your tackle box.Sizes:Baby Lucky 13 - 2-5/8", 3/8 oz.Lucky 13 - 3-3/4", 5/8 oz.Colors: (222)Baby Bass Red Gill, (160)Bullfrog, (233)Fluorescent Green Crawdad, (003)Black Shiner Glitter, (011)Red Head.

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