Bomber's Redfish Flasher


Attention-getting flash, frenzy-starting vibration, and lifelike eyes and scales it doesn't hold anything back. The curltail-spinner-jighead combination is tailored to push all the buttons of aggressive bull reds. Saltwater-grade construction with double-wraps on all contact points for long-lasting durability and strike-after-strike reliability. Versatile true-running performance for slow, fast and varying-speed retrievers. FUSE attractant replicates the enzymes released by injured and distressed baitfish, creating an instinctual urge to attack. It's designed specifically for saltwater game fish and entices the biggest, baddest monsters out there. Per each.Size: 4", 3/4 oz. Colors: (403)Chicken Lips, (404)Chartreuse/Silver Flake, (406)Purple/Blue/White Tail, (407)Pearl/Silver Flake, (409)Root Beer/Chartreuse Tail, (412)Black/Chartreuse Tail.

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