Pro-Troll E-Rotary Bait Holder


Predators can't resist the wounded baitfish action this setup provides. Spring-loaded bait head for easy and quick mounting. No toothpicks required. The diagonal fin on the side provides erratic swimming action. Comes with dual tandem barbless hooks and the EChip. This model comes with a single barbed 5/0 stainless hook. For baitfish or strips 4" to 5" long. Per each. About EChips ... This tiny device is not only increasing the success of fishermen using it, but may revolutionize fishing with artificial baits and lures. It consists of a small stainless steel tube with a stainless ball inside and a small ceramic crystal inside one end of the tube. As the ball rolls back and forth the motion of the lure, an electronic impulse duplicating that of a wounded baitfish is emitted. Predator fish in the area sense the simulated nerve discharges and are more likely to strike.Colors: (005)Red, (096)Chartreuse, (112)Glow White, (116)Clear, (131)Glow Chartreuse, (160)Glow Green.

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