Yum F2 Wooly Bullee


A new soft plastic bait from YUM that's a flipper's dream bait. At nearly 4" long, it presents a significant target while its narrow width, ridged surface and flailing claws produce action and water displacement that predators can't ignore. Now infused with YUM's Ferocity Squared (F2) attractant. F2 is a concentrated natural formula that has been clinically tested under strict conditions. Results show that F2 is preferred by bass by a margin of more than 30 over other attractants. Per 8.Size: 3-1/2".Colors: (001)Black Neon, (002)Watermelon Red, (004)Junebug, (008)Green Pumkin, (143)Black Blue Shadow, (148)Cajun Neon, (153)Bama Bug,(155)Ultimate Crawfish.

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