Salmo Skinner Crankbait


The Salmo Skinner has a solid, tough body that stands up to the abuse muskies and pike can dish out. This versatile lure can be cast, used like a jerkbait or trolled. It is buoyant so a steady retrieve is needed to keep it below the surface. However you fish it, it will become one of your go-to lures for trophy muskie and pike. Per each. Sizes: (15) 6", 1-7/8 oz., Depth- 3.5 ft. casting/6.5 ft. trolling , (20) 7-7/8", 3-1/4 oz., Depth- 3.5 ft. casting/6.5 ft. trolling. Colors: Starry Night, Real Grey Shinner, Green Tiger, Real Roach.

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