Salmo Jointed Pike


Big pike and muskie love to eat baby pike and this lure! The tight wobbling Jointed model is incredibly enticing and accurately mimics a distressed and injured juvenile pike. Pre each.Size: 4-3/8" 1/2 oz. Dives 3-1/2 to 5 ft.Color: Pike. Performance Guarantee Salmo-USA backs up their Performance Fishing Lures with more than just words they're guaranteed! If for any reason your Salmo lure breaks, fails to run true, or falls apart (except if you wear out the hooks, of course), Salmo will replace if free of charge. That's how confident the company is in the durability and fish-catching ability of its products. Just ship the damaged or broken lure and Salmo covers everything from there. So fish a Salmo with confidence it's guaranteed to perform.

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