Xcalibur Rattle Bait


The Rattle Bait wiggles and makes noise that will attract game fish like a magnet. It has a flawless high-sheen finish with intricate etched detail. Red 3-D eyes finish the realistic look. The shapes and swimming motion were optimized using computer-aided analysis and underwater observation. It uses Tx3 treble hooks with forged tips to improve durability. VMC InLine Technology puts one of the barbs of the hook perpendicular to the bait and the other two straddling it, promoting truer running and fewer snags. Per each.Sizes:Xr25 2-1/4", 1/4 oz.Xr50 2-1/2", 5/8 oz.Xr75 3", 3/4 oz.Xr100 3-1/2", 1 oz.Colors: (018)Gold Black, (021)Rayburn Red, (022)Chrome Blue Orange Belly, (027)Royal Shad, (035)Foxy Shad, (036)Foxy Momma, (044)Foxy Lady, (207)Ghost, (412)Chrome Black.

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