Strike King Red-Eye Shad


Strike King's tournament-tested Red-Eye Shad is one mean, lipless crankbait. Incredible action, 3-D eyes, free-floating rattles, awesome paint jobs and premium VMC hooks. Comes in a wide variety of patterns to match forage. Per each. Sizes: 1/2 oz., 1/4 oz. Colors: (311)Bleeding Gizzard Shad, (391)Bleeding Chrome Blue Back, (406)Gold Black Back, (421)Orange Craw, (425)Metallic Tennessee Shad, (432)Chartreuse Baitfish, (511)Gizzard Shad, (514)Chrome Sexy Shad, (562)Chartreuse Belly Craw, (564)Orange Belly Craw, (584)Oyster, (590)Sexy Shad, (600)Sexy Lavender Shad, (620)Gold Sexy Shad, (622)Bluegill, (623)Pumpkinseed.

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