Rat-L-Trap Bleeding Traps And Craws


All the incredible sound and action of the Original 'Traps but with wounded baitfish finishes, along with four new crawfish colors that fish can't resist. Armed with Reflex red hooks to give these baits a bleeding appearance and induce savage strikes. The unique dual-frequency rattle chambers create nearly the exact sound and vibration as an actual school of baitfish swimming through the water. And, with its ultra-tight wiggle, it shakes and dances through the water. Per each.Sizes:1/4 oz., 2-1/2"1/2 oz., 3"3/4 oz., 3-1/2"Bleeding Shad Colors: (370)Chrome/Green, (371)Gold/Green, (372)Chome/Blue, (373)Chartreuse, (374)Orange, (376)White, (379)Bloodline, (381)Ice Blue. Bleeding Craw Colors: (391)Natural Red, (392)Clear Water,(393)Shadow Bleeding Craw.

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