Mepps Dressed Aglia French Spinners With Natural Hair Tail


Tied with either genuine bucktail or squirrel tail and feature a natural bright-red turkey quill for additional attraction. Classic beaded body with French spinner design. Per each. Sizes: 0(1/12 oz.) 1(1/8 oz.) 2(1/6 oz.) 3(1/4 oz.) 4(1/3 oz.) 5(1/2 oz.) Colors:(002)Gold, (011)Red/White, (021)Hot Firetiger/White, (037)Silver/White, (073)Silver Red Dot/White, (103)Silver/Natural, (117)Firetiger/Gray, (131)Chartreuse/White, (147)Rainbow/White, (150)Black/Yellow/Red, (353)Rainbow/Gray, (842)Gold Red Dot/Brown (902)Gold/Gray.

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