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Rapala Skitter Walk


Rapalas Skitter Walk is designed with the qualities demanded by tournament pros. Large rattles in the body create rythmic cadence in the water that attracts fish, and the sonic-welded, plastic bodies are tough and add extra volume to the rattle. You can walk-the-dog with ease with this new lure, and it swims perfectly right out of the box. Realistic eyes provide a bright target for fish, and the weighted tail allows you to make those long casts right into a bass hole. VMC Black Nickel, Pyramid hooks are forged tough and are sharpened to hold your catch. Per each.Size: 3-1/8".Weight: 7/16 oz.Colors:(006)Frog, (057)Gold Chrome, (077)Bluegill, (177)Shad Translucent, (299)Fire Shad, (351)Baby Bass,(681)Holographic Shad, (682)Holographic Blue, (807)Chrome.

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