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Jarmo Limited Edition Crankbait


To honor Finland's world-renowned tradition of fishing lure craftsmanship, Jarmo Rapala has introduced a limited edition lure that every lure collector will want to own. These meticulously handcrafted balsa wood lures are overlaid with hand-rolled, star patterned foil on the sides. Then 14 layers of paint and lacquer are applied to create a lustrous finish. The installation of an extra-wide lip ensures an enticing wobble as the lure "swims" on the retrieve. Strong through-wire construction connects the lures three ultrasharp treble hooks to complete the assembly. Then, Jarmo personally tank tests, hand tunes, autographs and puts the serial number on each 4" lure. These lures are made exclusively in Finland by The Finnish Lure Company. Your lure will arrive in a classic cedar presentation box. Only 1,000 of these lures will be made so don't delay!Available: (001)Silver, (002)Gold.

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