Wolverine Tackle Silver Streak Jr


Great Lakes fishermen have landed lunkers for two decades with the Silver Streak line of spoons. These slender lures are made with pure brass that's plated with silver, gold, copper or black nickel to create a strong spoon that won t rust or bend. The plating also reflects light to make it even more attractive to game fish. Spoons feature VMC hooks and strong stainless steel rings. Per each.Size: 2-1/4". Colors: (001)Purple Boxers, (002)Pink Panties, (003)Purple Greasy Chicken, (004)Mi-hi, (005)Pink Egg, (006)Antifreeze Melon, (007)Chartreuse Black Muffin, (008)Copper Perch, (009)Sprint Car, (010)Pink Squirrel, (011)Neon Lights, (012)Lady Bug.

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