Pro King Salmon Spoons - R


The cupped, taped design of the Pro King Spoon is perfect for catching salmon, trout and other game fish. They use VMC trebled hooks and can be trolled at a variety of speeds for different results. The silver holographic back is taped with the best color combinations, covering the full color spectrum. Per each.Size: 3-3/4".Colors: (009)White Cracked Ice/Silver Diamond, (011)Blue/Silver Diamond, (014)Green Prism/Cracked Ice Glow, (020)Black/Cracked Ice Glow, (031)Red/Silver Cirles, (033)Double Cracked Ice Glow, (042)Black Silver Scale/Cracked Ice Glow, (061)Purple Black/Silver Diamond, (073)Double Silver Laser, (091)Black Gold/Cracked Ice G1 Ladder, (092)Copper/Orange Cracked Ice Glow, (098)Green Camo/Half G1 Ladder, (117)Blue/Yellow Glitter Silver Scale, (145)Purple Blue/Garnet Cracked Ice Glow, (146)Copper/Yellow/Silver/Cracked Ice Glow Ladder, (800)Glow/Chartreuse,(801)Glow Glow Silver/Black,(802)Glow/Silver,(803)Glow/Blue,(804)Glow White/Silver,(805)Glow Silver/White,(957)Green/Yellow Glow, (970)Camo Holo Glow, (971)Orange/Blue/Green, (972)Blue/Green, (973)Green/Blue/Black, (974)Orange Holo Glow, (975)Yellow/Black, (976)Blue/Black Glow, (977)Green/Black Glow, (978)Green/Pink/Black, (979)Blue Glow, (980)Blue/Orange.

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