Michigan Stinger Spoons


Michigan Stinger spoons are crafted with the highest quality materials and feature realistic, durable finishes. Their tournament winning action enticingly performs at any trolling speed. The curved profile wobbles and flutters through the water, putting out maximum flash and the subtle vibrations that trigger all cold-water species to go on a feeding binge. Great for all species of trout and salmon as well as pike, bass and walleyes. Per each. Size: 3-3/4. Colors: (005)Kevorkian, (006)Monkey Puke, (014)Shrimp (not shown), (021)Firetiger (not shown), (041)Chartreuse/Green (not shown), (048)Alewife, (049)Steelie Stomper (not shown), (069)Dirty White Boy, (076)Hawg Wild (not shown), (077)Blue Dolphin (not shown), (080)Bloody Nose (not shown), (107)Chicken Wing, (109)Pearl Red (not shown), (113)Watermellon (not shown), (123)Emerald Shiner (not shown), (124)Caramel Dolphin (not shown), (125)Mixed Veggies, (141)P. Stinger Rose Baby, (151)Gator, (159)Copper Puke, (199)Blond Muffin (not shown), (205)Chartreuse/Fire Dot (not shown), (274)Rainday Bait (not shown), (288)Glow Goby,(299)Glow Chartreuse (not shown), (300)Red Flash (not shown), (315)Screwy Stewie, (323)Modified Dolphin (not shown), (324)Modified Blue Dolphin,(326)Modified Carmel Dolphin, (327)Dang, (328)Green Glitter Glow, (331)White Glitter Glow, (333)Blueberry Muffin,(353)Rainbow Trout (not shown), (397)Tangerine (not shown), (430)Teal Green, (500)Natural Born Killer, (515)Yellow Jacket (not shown), (569)Silver Red (not shown), (633)Wonderbread (not shown), (777)Monkey Shine (not shown), (786)Rainbow Fleck (not shown), (800)Dolphin (not shown), (914)Chicken Shack (not shown), (934)Blue Edge (not shown), (999)Jaw Breaker (not shown).

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