Luhr Jensen Laxee Spoon


With its brilliant pattern and sharp-edged, deep-cut shape, the Laxee Spoon produces a lively kicking action thats sure to draw out some serious strikes. Plated with genuine silver and finished with UV Bright, its beckoning flash reflects intense amounts of light energy. This heavyweight, responsive, multispecies design is optimal for casting and trolling. Premium VMC black-nickel treble hooks. Sizes: 2, 3/8 oz. 3, 3/4 oz. Colors: (600)Fluorescent Green/Chartreuse UV, (601)Fluorescent Chartreuse/Green UV, (603)Fluorescent Red/Chartreuse UV(not shown), (604)Blue/Chartreuse UV, (611)Orange Fire UV, (612)Pink Fire UV, (614)Blue Fire UV.

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