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10 Oct 2011 08:55 AM
    Fishing lures have come a long way to the current sophisticated and highly engineered device. Many developments have happened over the years in fishing and changes in lure technology has been a big one. The extra deep diving crank bait has changed the ability of a lure, taking it 20 feet deep to find the big fish.

    Other trends in fishing such as is all the bright colors and materials from soft plastic to hard plastic to attract a fish. From a jitter tail to a great snake and the stick up, lures are an endless option for fisherman and each has their favorite. The lure matters but great success is all about the man understanding the conditions and choosing the right equipment.

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    05 May 2015 12:45 AM
    The New Angry Shad™ & the Quick Shad™ are going to change the way predator fish stalk and attack artificial baits. As you mentioned about crank baits diving & reaching 20' or so, the Angry Shad™ pulls fish from very deep water. Here's the new lure by